The Finson Farm includes an artisanal micro-apiary.

Part of our artisanal micro-apiary.

Award-Wining Finson Farm Honey

The farm includes an artisanal micro-apiary.

The project was begun initially to provide enhanced pollination for the farm, and has expanded to include limited honey production.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality honey, without the use of harsh chemicals, and to use use natural and “best practice management” to raise healthy, sustainable bees which can prosper in our Northern climate.

We have kept the operation purposely small in order to maintain these characteristics.

Our bees’ hard work paid off with Finson Farm honey winning the blue ribbon in the 2010 Eastern Apiculture Society Honey Show for Dark Amber Honey.

Article about our honey: Bowdoin Web Producer Tastes Sweet Success
Finson Farm Honey at Ten Apple Farm
Finson Farm honey is certified Kosher by The Maine Kosher Vaad.

Award Wining Finson Farm Honey

Award Wining Finson Farm Honey